• Façade cleaning (dirt removal). In case of PVC, sheet metal panel or similar façades we also perform manual cleaning.
  • Cleaning of dolomite surfaces and roughcast façades.
  • Removal of old paint from concrete, brick and stone surfaces. Powerwash can also be used in case of latex paint and whitewash.
  • Removal of different types of varnish from stone surfaces with hot water powerwash.
  • Cleaning of sculptures, monuments, statues etc.
  • Washing of roads and squares.
  • Washing after fire (removal of soot and grime).
  • Industrial cleaning. Plant and factory cleaning.
  • Ship washing.
  • Vehicle washing.
  • Washing of building, road building, and land reclamation machinery.
  • Removal of graffiti.

Selection of photos of objects cleaned using powerwash method