High-pressure water is forced into cracks and pores on concrete’s surface and concrete breaks. In order to work with the water jet, it must be directed under very high pressure. With high-pressure systems we use it is possible to achieve even 2600 bar pressure.

Our systems are suitable for removal of old, spalling and carbonized concrete, for widening cracks and exposing concrete reinforcement.
With water-jetting systems it is possible to remove bridge supports.

Carefully done groundwork is an absolute prerequisite for successful reparation of concrete structures. The adhesive strength of the new coating is conditioned by the methods the old concrete has been removed.

The best way to effective adhesion of the new coating is to use high-pressure water and waterblasting.

Advantages of waterblasting:

  • does not damage the whole construction;
  • concrete reinforcement is unbroken and will be cleaned from rust;
  • little cleaning residue;
  • creates no dust;
  • easy to find boundaries of both unbroken concrete and concrete which is in bad condition;
  • adhesive power is much better compared to using mechanical water jet;
  • a number of operations can be omitted;
  • using water jet does not cause vibrations in carcass.

Waterblasting does not damage the construction, yet concrete can be removed in a moment. This method is quick and clean. By means of waterblasting the amount of work that with a traditional pickaxe takes a whole week can be done in a few days. The result is a real touch of class. Cost per hour is more expensive compared to traditional methods, but work is much more correct and quicker. Surfaces that are cleaned with waterblasting can be treated immediately after washing without any extra work.

Samples of waterblasting