• Removal of old paint from concrete and stone surfaces and plastered façades. This method cleans façades effectively from non-breathing thick layers of oil paint (so-called Geniteks paints for example)
  • Cleaning brick facing.
  • Cleaning limestone and other natural stone.
  • Removal of graffiti.

Wet sandblasting is widely used in building. Old paint from façades is usually removed by low pressure wet sandblasting. This way the existing layers of plaster are the least damaged. Sand with suitable fraction is chosen according to the strength of substratum, thickness of the layer of paint, a number of layers and chemical composition. The cleaned plaster is rinsed with high-pressure water and the façade is prepared for the renovator.

We have achieved remarkable results in cleaning red and yellow brick and limestone. Wet sandblasting is also suitable for removal of graffiti from limestone, granite and concrete surfaces. The advantage of wet sandblasting is that it is completely free of dust. Wet sand and residues of façade’s coating left from cleaning are collected, transported to a dumping ground and utilised.

Selection of photos of objects cleaned by wet sandblasting